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Dawn Parker - Escort SoM

Escort School of Motoring

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Escort School of Motoring provides Learner Driver Tuition, Refresher Courses and Driver Instructor Training throughout South East Wales.

Established in 1968 in Newport, Escort School of Motoring has been leading Learner drivers through their lessons and Test’s for 50years.

With a 95% First Time pass rate, our Driving Instructors have maintained the highest standards throughout the years, offering both Manual and Automatic Instruction.

Our management team of John Henry and Adele Hurley have combined experience of 50 years, and the whole team are dedicated to insuring that all of our pupils receive a Gold Standard Service.


Escort School of Motoring




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An excellent, well attended, enjoyable Networking Event and you should all be very proud of yourselves for organising such a successful morning.

Vivienne White
Business Development Manager